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It Is As Simple As This...

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 in response to Emil...   

haha... I think we have terrible choices, and its too bad we can't go backwards in the way candidates are selected, as it is now they buy their way in, and no one without large sums of money can even get themselves considered. Sad. I vote for moral issues, as you know I have great faith in GOD, and believe HE is in control. HE alone can make things work, and I refuse to go against what HE outlines as right. Having said that, I will say this, you are correct I do NOT know what Mccain considers middleclass but I do know where he stands on some important moral issues and thats what really matters to me. I don't think he is a good choice, just, in mho, the lesser of 2 evils and nothing will convince me otherwise, just as nothing will make you think differently than your strongly held beliefs... in that I am sure we can agree. I would, out of curiosity, like to know what Mccain thinks is middleclass. I find a lot of their rhetoric amusing, and since they are running for the [publicly acclaimed] most important, and influential [also publicly acclaimed] position in USA government that I also find sad. GOD bless you, I enjoy your site and your comments.      oh and by the way, GOD does ignore time, to HIM a thousand years is as a day and a day is as a thousand years.... 2Peter 3:8

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oh....obama..... he thinks $150,000 a yr wages  and under is he can really relate to us.....

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