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It Is As Simple As This...

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 in response to Emil...   

I know what I am about to say may fall on unreceptive ears, and you may find it comical, this is ok, I understand where you are coming from. I put ALL my trust in GOD, and believe staunchly, and unequivocally that HE owns, and is in control of everything. I think money and power are useless things to fight over, or worry about... fleeting and very temporary, a drop in the bucket of eternity, if even that. I believe, however, that moral issues have great value, are worth fighting for, and shape generations thereby dictating what our world is like for the human race both now AND in the future. I also believe everything that is occurring now, GOD has planned for, and in it, has a purpose. I believe out of all of it that HIS will is going to be served, despite mans ideas to the contrary. GOD loves us, and will only allow degeneration of the earth, and mankind to go just so far and those that wish to continue, against HIM, will only destroy themselves. I think that those who are very rich, with great power have no beneficial plans for the sheep of the United States pastures. I believe they like to have poor, and dependant masses, they make great guinea pigs for the huge pharmaceutical companies, and are helpful in making their "generous" [perhaps that should read onerous] benefactors look good when they toss them crumbs. I could go on and on, I am of course disgusted with all of it, and its all out of our control, people sat by, and watched their freedoms dissovle, would NOT stand up for what is right, and decent.... they didn't even whimper as long as they felt economically secure, and had plenty of government hand-outs to keep them from feeling any unpleasantness. I think its already too late to make much-needed change, and that those who are hoping, and working for change are focused on the wrong things!

I believe we should be governed by GOD, a theocracy, as it once was...for you this statement borders on fairytale I am sure, and the way things are now most people do not have a personal relationship with HIM  they don't  really know or care who Jesus is or what HE has done or what was meant by any of its just not possible but this will not always be so. I know we are coming from an entirely different spectrum of belief so I do not expect you to think what I am saying here to have any validity...but watch and see it all unfolds before our very eyes, GOD is awesome in HIS majesty and power. Jesus sits at HIS right hand forevermore    For it is written, As I live, saith 
the Lord, Every Knee Shall Bow to me, and every 
tongue shall confess to God. So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God. Romans 14:11,12

and GOD will rule and reign forever more

GOD bless you Emil, I am sure we can agree to disagree, and I have learned over time that things change :)

by the way I  already read all of the Mccain and Obama exchanges, their mistakes, and  comments... and I really believe they are both way out of touch with what Americans want and need and they both are pandering to a public that has lost a lot of interest in the whole fiasco... not sure either of them could tell you what the price is at the gas pumps and I AM sure that neither really cares

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 in response to Emil...   

haha... I think we have terrible choices, and its too bad we can't go backwards in the way candidates are selected, as it is now they buy their way in, and no one without large sums of money can even get themselves considered. Sad. I vote for moral issues, as you know I have great faith in GOD, and believe HE is in control. HE alone can make things work, and I refuse to go against what HE outlines as right. Having said that, I will say this, you are correct I do NOT know what Mccain considers middleclass but I do know where he stands on some important moral issues and thats what really matters to me. I don't think he is a good choice, just, in mho, the lesser of 2 evils and nothing will convince me otherwise, just as nothing will make you think differently than your strongly held beliefs... in that I am sure we can agree. I would, out of curiosity, like to know what Mccain thinks is middleclass. I find a lot of their rhetoric amusing, and since they are running for the [publicly acclaimed] most important, and influential [also publicly acclaimed] position in USA government that I also find sad. GOD bless you, I enjoy your site and your comments.      oh and by the way, GOD does ignore time, to HIM a thousand years is as a day and a day is as a thousand years.... 2Peter 3:8

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oh....obama..... he thinks $150,000 a yr wages  and under is he can really relate to us.....

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